Diabetes Decision Aid

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) advocates for a shared decision making approach to treating diabetes, particularly as it relates to the numerous pharmacological agents available to patients: 

"A patient-centered approach should be used to guide choice of pharmacological agents. Considerations include efficacy, cost, potential side effects, effects on weight, comorbidities, hypoglycemia risk and patient preferences."

Because of this, Janssen Scientific Affairs and Emmi Solutions have partnered to develop a patient decision aid that helps patients, in partnership with their provider, determine the best medication treatment option for their Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

What Does the Decision Aid Cover?
The Diabetes Medication Options decision aid:

  • Offers patients important information about living with and managing T2D
  • Compares efficacy, safety and administration of 6 different T2D medications, including sulfonylureas, TZDs, GLP-1, DPP-4, SGLT2 inhibitors and insulin.
  • Provides assurance to patients about adding other medication(s) to their current regimen
  • Surveys the patient to define their needs and treatment concerns
  • Summarizes and documents patient responses, helping to articulate their concerns, goals and preferences about T2D treatment to the provider
  • The Diabetes Medication Options Decision Aid recently underwent an IPDASi Assessment and has received the highest overall score to date (June 2014) compared to other Patient Decision Aids
  • Is available on desktops and mobile devices and can be shared with friends and family

Share the Decision Aid with Your Members or Patients

The Diabetes Medication Options decision aid is free of cost and can be directly embedded on your website, member portal or distributed through other means authorized by Emmi Solutions.

Simply fill out this registration formand you'll receive full access to the decision aid as well as a toolkit to assist you in communicating the availability of the decision aid to your patients, members and/or physician network. 

There is a growing consensus for strengthening the patient's role in managing disease, and we appreciate your commitment to reinforcing this approach with this diabetes decision aid.

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